Intellectual Property Education

Intellectual property law is one of the hottest legal fields. Many law school students, pursue studies in this area especially in trademark, copyright, patent law and trade secret areas. Several law schools offer courses, certificates and concentrations in intellectual property law and its specializations.

Students working towards their Juris Doctorate (J.D.) can pursue concentration in intellectual property law especially in the final years of their study. Some law schools also offer certificate programs in intellectual property law, which may be offered to students and/or eligible applicants. These certificate programs may be ideal for those interested in the legal elements of intellectual property law. Students can also pursue a career in intellectual property by successfully graduating from a law school with a master's degree in intellectual property law. Many law schools offer LL.M., degree in intellectual property to qualified applicants. Intellectual property studies may further be pursued at doctorate level. A J.S.D. program, a doctorate level program, may allow its students to concentrate on intellectual property law.

All in all, intellectual property law education is given primarily in law schools, where students at different levels can pursue their studies according to their interests and job requirements.